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How To Hack Facebook Using Phishing Method

Everyone eager to hack the facebook account of others. Here is the simplest method using phishing webpage, you can hack the facebook account of your friends . Phishing WebPage:
 Creating webpage which look like any site is described as Phishing. By creating Phishing WebPage, you can make users to believe that it is original website and enter their id and password. Step 1:
Go to
Right click on the white space of the front page. Select “View Page source”.
Copy the code to Notepad. Step2:
Now find (Press ctrl +f) for “action=” in that code.
You fill find the code like this: The big red ring that circles the action= you have to change. You have to change it to ‘action=”next.php” ‘. after you have done that, you should change the method (small red circle on the picture) to “get” instead of “post”, or else it will not work. Save the document as index.html Step 3:
Now we need to create the “next.php” to store the password. so open the notepad and type the following code: <?php he…

Free Internet Using Troid VPN

For Free Internet In Airtel By Using Troid VPN
Step 1:
Download Troid VPN From Play Store
Step 2:
Put These Setting In Troid Vpn-
Don't Change User id And Password.
-Select Any Free Server From the List.
Rport-443 And Lport-0
Select Protocol-TCP
In Advance Settings ---
Tick the- Use Proxy For Tcp Connection
Proxy Host-
Proxy Port-3128
You Can Use Any Free Airtel Hompage Like-
See The Video At YOUTUBE-