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How to Get Free Reliance Jio Sim Easily

Step 1 : Download My Jio App From here
Step 2 : Open My Jio App and install all Jio apps or You can Recieve all Jio Apps from 
your friend if  your friend is already downloaded.
Step 3 :  Disconnect your wifi or Mobile Internet.
Step 4 : After Installing all jio apps open My Jio app and click on My jio Open Button.
And now you will see Get Jio Sim Option.
Step 5 : Now Connect Your Wifi or Mobile Internet and Click on Get Jio Sim Option.
Step 6 : Now Your Barcode is Successfully Generated.
Step 7 : Take ScreenShot of Your Barcode and go to your nearest Reliance Mobile Store or  Mini  Store and get your Jio sim By Giving your Id proof and address proof and 1 or 2  photographs without paying any fee.
Thank You..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!