Top 10 websites to increase traffic

Social networking sites are best sources to drive huge blog traffic. If you can build good network in social media then you can get more traffic to your site.
For that, you need to submit your articles on social sites. In this article, I’m listing Top 10 best websites to increase your blog traffic.

1. Google
Google plays an important role in gettinghuge traffic to your site. When you submit a link in Google , try to get maximum g to your link because all the links posted in Google are considered asDo Followlinks. So if you can get Do Follow linkfrom trusted and high page ranked site, it will increase your traffic in a great way.
2. Facebook
We all know that Facebook is the most popular social networking site with billions of users. Facebook is thegreat way to increase blog traffic.
To get more traffic from Facebook follow these steps.
i. Create a FacebookFan pagefor your blog and post your articles over there.
ii. Join Facebook Groups related to your niche and promote your content in those groups.
iii. Try to build good relationship with other bloggers. Read their articles, share them etc.,
iv. AddFacebook like box widgetto your blog.
3. Twitter
Twitter helps you to connect with your audience. Build more fans and tweet your articles regularly on twitter so your followers come to know about your articles. With the help of re-tweets you can get good traffic to your site via twitter.
4. StumbleUpon
StumbleUpon is the best and easiest way to get huge traffic to your site. You can get instant results by using this site.
Follow these simple steps to submit your articles on StumbleUpon
i. Copy the URL of your blog post.
ii. OpenStumbleUpOn and submit your post and start stumbling.
iii. After stumbling is done see your blog. You can see an increase in your traffic.
Pinterest is most popular Photo Sharing site. Try to post your articles on Pinterest. When someone re-pins your articles, you can get more trafficfrom Pinterest. To get more traffic to your site, you have to be more active in Pinterest.
6. Linkedin
Linkedin is the professional networking site with millions of users. As it is mainly used by professionals, Linkedin traffic quality is better than any other social networking sites. So try to get more traffic from Linkedin.
7. Reddit
Reddit helps you to get good traffic to your site. For that Copy the URL of your blog post and submit it on Reddit. Try to get more thumbs up foryour post so that you can boost your traffic.
8 .Digg
Digg is a trusted form directory whichmainly deals with science, political issues; editorials etc., To get traffic from Digg submit your blog post on
9. Yahoo Answers is a website thatfollows questions and answers. Here users can ask questions and answer questions that are asked by other users. Answer questions related to your niche and put your blog links there. When users visit your site through these links you can get more traffic from Yahoo.
10. Quora is similar to Yahoo Answers which accepts questions and answers from its users. But in Quora the answer can be edited by other members who can give the better answer than the previous one. Try to answer the questions and put your blog address as a reference so that you can boost your traffic.
These are the Top 10 websites to boost your blog traffic. Use above sites to get more traffic to your site. If you have any suggestion to increase blog traffic, drop your valuable comment in the comment section.

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