Top 5 best 3D animation softwares

Animation is the process of creating continuous motion by means of rapiddisplay of a sequence of static images that are slightly different fromeach other. In today’s world, most people are interested in learning Animation. Animationis a very practical tool with useful applicationsin different fields.
There are lots of software’s are available in the marketto make 3D animation. In this article I’m listingTop 5 best 3D animation softwares.
Maya is owned byAutoDeskand it helps us to create3D models,animated movies,gamesand3D effectsused in Live Environment. Mayais always up to date, fully featured and it is the perfect programfor those who want to becomeprofessional animators. Maya allows for a vast array of shading and lighting effects. It is the best choice for many film makers due to easy customization.
LightWave is the professional 3D animation software. LightWave is used to createmoviesandspecial Effects. This software contains various features and requires a lot of learning before you master the art of using it. You can get a 30 day trial versionfor various types of operatingsystems. The quality of animation is also high in LightWave.
3.3D Studio Max
3D MAX STUDIO is another professional and best animation software fromAutoDesk. It is mostly used forindustrial designsandarchitects, filmandvideo games. It is best for the development of 3D games, unlike Maya which is best for creating movies.
If you want to make simple 3D animations, then Blender is something that you need. It is used for creatingsimple cartoonsand small 3D animation projects. Blenderis open source software. You can get it with free of cost. As Blender is free software  it doesn’t match the likes of Maya and LightWave in terms ofquality and featuresbut it’s a good software in its own right.
Houdini is a high-end 3D animation software developed by Side Effects software of Toronto.Houdini  coversall the major areas of 3D production such as Modeling,Animation,Lighting,Rendering. It is the best sitefor creating3D animation.
Selecting which software to use fromany of the above will generally depend on the scale of the project, your budget and experience. Regardless of the project,Toon Boom studio stands out when it comes to 2D animation. For3D animation,Mayais best one.

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