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Meesho App - Get Product in Just Rs.20-50(offer expired) + Rs.150 Per Refer

Meesho is online shopping app to earn commission by selling products to friends. Like If there is product on Meeshu of Rs.100 and you can sell that product for Rs.150 online then just add that product in cart by adding your margin and direct enter your friend address. Your friend will get product with invoice of Rs.150 and you earn Rs.50 in Meeshu app that will be transfer in your bank account.Here is big offer now Meeshu app is giving Rs.250 on refer a friend on 1st order deliver and big discount on 1st order to your friends so refer can be done easily. Like Rs.150 product in just Rs.50 or Rs.100 product in just Rs.10 with free shipping.We order a  product on Meeshu in very less price and got it few days back but we did not verify about its giving this Rs.250 amount in bank or not. We talk to customer care and they tell this Rs.250 will be transfer on every Tuesday in your bank account if product is already delivery.Note: We did not verify refer amount got in bank but product surely …

‼️ Following is a list of important terms used in the field of hacking.

♻️Adware − Adware is software designed to force pre-chosen ads to display on your system.♻️Attack − An attack is an action that is done on a system to get its access and extract sensitive data.♻️Back door − A back door, or trap door, is a hidden entry to a computing device or software that bypasses security measures, such as logins and password protections.♻️Bot − A bot is a program that automates an action so that it can be done repeatedly at a much higher rate for a more sustained period than a human operator could do it. For example, sending HTTP, FTP or Telnet at a higher rate or calling script to create objects at a higher rate.♻️Botnet − A botnet, also known as zombie army, is a group of computers controlled without their owners’ knowledge. Botnets are used to send spam or make denial of service attacks.♻️Brute force attack − A brute force attack is an automated and the simplest kind of method to gain access to a system or website. It tries different combination of usernames an…


Initiative is spearheaded by the Irish Blockchain Expert Group, led by IDA Ireland, and Irish-based organisations to position Ireland as an international blockchain hub
Dublin, Ireland — 11th June, 2018 — Blockchain Ireland, a leading source of information on the Irish blockchain ecosystem, was launched today by the Irish Blockchain Expert Group (IBEG), led by IDA Ireland. The online platform will serve as the go-to source of information on the Irish blockchain ecosystem, assisting the promotion of Ireland as a blockchain centre of excellence. IBEG, the group responsible for Blockchain Ireland, is an IDA Ireland-led forum established as a vehicle to promote and enhance the blockchain industry in Ireland. The association includes IDA Ireland, members of blockchain businesses and projects in Ireland, representatives from a number of academic institutions, as well as participants of the wider Irish blockchain community. Further input is also provided by Enterprise Ireland and the Departme…

Reliance Jio third-largest telecom by revenue market share(Tech News)

Analysts expect the eroding revenue of Jio’s rivals to stabilise in the first quarter of FY19, with the tariff... 
KOLKATA: Reliance Jio Infocomm has become India’s third-largest telecom operator by revenue market share, dislodging Kumar Birla-led Idea Cellular and closing in on Vodafone India as its aggressive pricing strategy left rivals struggling.

Just 19 months since starting services, Mukesh Ambani-controlled Jio’s revenue market share widened to almost 20% as of March end, according to financial data put out by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai).

Idea’s RMS slumped to 16.5%, while No. 2 Vodafone India’s share increased to 21%, just a shade above Jio. Sunil Mittal-led Bharti Airtel took its revenue market share to almost 32%, helped in part by its intra-circle roaming pact with Tata Teleservices, whose consumer mobility business the market leader is buying.

Jio’s robust RMS numbers come as Idea and Vodafone India prepare to close their much-awaited merger this month…

How To Mod Any Game On Your Android Smartphone

By modding android game you can unlock all the levels, use any resource according to your wish and lots more. Proceed with the method shown below to hack any game on your Android. But sometimes while playing our favorite game we get short on our resources that are needed to play that game, like power, weapons or lives etc. That consequence really becomes bothersome, so to overcome this we are here with the trick How To Mod Any Game On Android.
Todaymillions of character are using the android phone. Now an Android device enhances significant part of our life. Everyone loves to play games on their android device. There are lots of cool games that are today available for your Android device in Google Play Store.
How To Mod Any Game On Android 2018 Now it’s time to hack into the game and use any resources that you want to play at any level of the game. The method is really working and will let you alter the game according to your wish. Just proceed with simple steps below.
Requirements: Ro…

How To Make Your Android Device A Fingerprint Sensor Enabled

Here is tutorial about How To Make Your Android Device A Fingerprint Sensor Enabled! The application App lock Fingerprint, accessible for Android, turns the back camera of your cell phone on a unique mark peruser incorporated into the gadget. A photo is taken, serving as a premise for validation applications and other framework highlights.

Latest Smartphones and tablets with a peruser biometric for computerized examining are not new. Several makers as of now wager this strategy to perform client verification is to make web shopping or basically to get to gadget highlights. Presently, on the off chance that you don’t have a gadget with this capacity or functionality, however, might want to have, this is your opportunity to demonstrate your computerized likewise has “power”.

How To Make Your Android Device A Fingerprint Sensor EnabledHow To Make Your Android Device as A Fingerprint Sensor Enabled!The application App lock Fingerprint, accessible for Android, turns the back camera of your …

How to Unlock or Bypass Android 5 Lollipop Lock Screen

For all android user we are here with How to Unlock/Bypass Android 5 Lollipop Lock Screen. Suddenly if you forget your android lock pattern, don’t worry, have a very simple method to unlock or reset the android lock pattern. In our previous posts we was having two methods, one using factory reset and another using tools with PC. But in this method you will use security bug of android 5.0 to unlock your android device. So have a look on complete guide discussed below to proceed. How to Unlock/Bypass Android 5 Lollipop Lock Screen The method is quite simple but little time taking and this is actually based on android 5.0 vulnerability that will help you to unlock our android without loosing data or without need of any PC tools. Just proceed with some simple steps below. Steps To Bypass Android 5 Lollipop Lock Screen First of in your locked android click on Emergency Dialer option.Now there keep on typing any random numbers and characters until it reaches its maximum limit.Now just copy o…

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Windows Scripts

Here you can find the necessary code for the listed tricks. The necessary file extensions are provided in the trick title!

1) Keyboard lights trick (.vbs)
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") do wscript.sleep 100 wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}" wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}" wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}" loop
2) Optical disc drive trick (.vbs)
Set oWMP = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX.7") Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection do if colCDROMs.Count >= 1 then For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count -1 colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject Next For i = 0 to colCDROMs.Count -1 colCDROMs.Item(i).Eject Next End If wscript.sleep 5000 loop
3) Fake error message (.vbs)
x=msgbox("Your Message Here", 0+16, "Your Title Here")
4) Matrix code - type 1 (.bat)
@echo off color 02 :start echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random